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How To Inject Roms Into Wads

Page history last edited by AndrewP 12 years, 5 months ago

First of all you will need a few files before we start files before we sart.


common-key.bin - i will not distribute this but will give you a way to get it

vbrun60sp6 / Vbrun60sp6 / Vbrun60sp6

Vcredist_x86 / Vcredist x86 / Vcredist x86

Auto Injectuwad v3 / Auto InjectuWad v3 / Auto InjectuWad v3



Wii Scrubber 1.40 - original file / Make Key bin.exe / Make Key bin.exe / Make Key bin.exe - Just need make key.bin for COMMON-KEY.BIN 


Step 1. Make a folder called wad injection tools. Next make a folder

inside wad injection tools called Auto Injectuwad v3, now make another folder called wiiscrubber, now make another folder called other.


Step 2. Now move Auto Injectuwad v3.zip into the auto injectuwad folder. Now Extract the auto injectuwad zip file inside the folder.


Step 3. Now that its fully extracted it shoulg look like this. now we are finished here.


Step 4. Now open the wiiscrubber folder, and extract it.



Step 5. Now that its fully extracted open the wiiscrubber multiboot folder.


Step 6. Now open Make Key Bin program.


Step 7. Type 42 and hit GENERATE it should create a kkey.bin file and a key.bin file, we only need key.bin


Step 8. Right-click key.bin and rename it to common-key.bin or if your file doesn't have the bin extrension just call it common-key.


Step 9. It should look like this when finished.


Step 10. Now copy common-key.bin to the Auto injectuwad folder.



Step 11. Now open up the other folder (the one inside the wad injection tools folder) and copy vbrun60sp6

and vcredist_x86 into the Auto Injectuwad folder.




Step 12. Now that you have them copied to the Auto Injectuwad folder duoble click on both of them and let them install.


Step 13. Now you will need a .wad file, you can get them by goin to the virtual console page on this website.

http://wehackwii.pbworks.com/VC-Wads Click on what ever system you want and download one of the wads try getting one that is around 21mb, they'r the best to use.


Step 14. Go to http://www.dohgames.com click on roms and go to the system you want to inject must be the same system as the wad you downloaded. now search for the rom you want to inject and download it.

i am going to use superstarwars, and super_mario_kart.wad.


Step 15. Now copy both the files to the Auto Injectuwad folder, then copy the wad file you got and paste it in the the auto injectuwad folder, then rename it to Dummy(the name of ur console), example Dummysnes. Then open injectuwad.


Now click on console mode and choose your console and then the rom file for that console should come up if you have it in the auto injectuwad folder. Now that you have your console chosen click on the rom you want to use (if you have more than 1) and the wad file for that console, do not and i repeat do not use a snes rom with a nintendo 64 wad, only use one console with one console. now type the name of the channel, what you want it to be called. and click start then it will save it to the auto injectuwad folder. thanks and yeah i finished the tutorial.



This is what the finished wad file will look like (but it will be whatever you named the channel) so just change it but now you got itso good day.



Just figured out a problem on my windows 7 computer. If you get this problem when trying to inject a rom,



Then just follow these steps to get your game injected.


1. open your injectuwad folder



2. Start Auto Injectuwad program



3. Try injecting the rom again, when it fails open the Auto injectuwad folder and look for the wad you tried to inject the rom into. It should be a windows batch file.



4. Now double click on it and it should finish injecting the ROM.




And there you go problem solved. If you have any more problems with Auto InjectuWad just post them below.


Comments (22)

techboy said

at 9:26 pm on Mar 8, 2010

Looks great, but here's a few suggestions.

* VCRedist_x86 = Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 or 2008 or 2010 Redistributable. There are 3 runtimes with vcredist_x86 as their internal name. Which one is it?
* VBRun60_SP6 does not appear to exist according to google. Besides, modern OSes (at least XP and vista, never used 7) include a VB6 runtime. I'd say leave this one out completely.
* Why download WiiScrubber when you can download the Makekeybin tool separately: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H3620PY7

Dylan1 said

at 11:03 pm on Mar 8, 2010

can someone who knows about rom size compatability edit this page cuz i ran into problems when trying to inject banjo-kazooie(16 megs) into mario 64(20 megs). it said the rom was too big or something like that. i'm gonna try banjo into mario golf now.

paulb said

at 11:18 pm on Mar 8, 2010

N64 injection isn't as simple as that
Some games just dont work
If it was goldeneye would have been on the scene years ago
Here is a compatibility list for guidance if you would


Dylan1 said

at 12:28 am on Mar 9, 2010

well it was a success according to the injector, and it installed on my oui, but it froze on the classic controller screen :(.

Dylan1 said

at 12:33 am on Mar 9, 2010

i looked at that link and literally all of the games i wanted to try and inject didn't work. maybe nintendo isn't releasing games like banjo and dk64 cuz they're rareware and rareware moved to microsoft. just a theory so don't call me an idiot

paulb said

at 6:06 am on Mar 9, 2010

Im really not sure why Nintendo haven't released many N64 games
Perfect Dark for example comes out on 360 tomorrow

By all means try them, I'm not trying to discourage you
But the N64 games require a bit more in the game specific emulation department
Look at pc N64 emulators
They still to this day cannot draw the skybox correctly on Goldeneye or Perfect Dark

SNES tends to have very similar emulation requirements
But as N64 was in competition with PSX they kept re-designing routines to get the
most out of a cartridge and had different chipsets in certain games

I personally recommend using homebrew emulators rather than injecting .WADs
Wii64 is slowly improving
and SNES/Genesis are pretty much spot on
That and it takes up a hell ofa lot less space for a rom than a wad
Oh and Banjo Kazooie is actually very playable on the current Wii64 build

AndrewP said

at 10:05 am on Mar 9, 2010

the end of the tutorial i had to finish really quickly because i had to get off my computer but some games and especially banjo and kazooi do not work with the rom injection the just dont run.

if you want i can go back through and fix some things and i also have to put the download links in so i will finsh it when i get home.

AndrewP said

at 10:08 am on Mar 9, 2010

and this was just a basic tutorial to get it running because it took me an entire day before i was able to find out how to get this to work and get the files, i had to sign up for like 10 websites before i could get the files.

techboy said

at 10:32 pm on Mar 10, 2010

@Daniel: I moved your link on the front page, since it didn't belong at the top. The way you posted it effectively made it look like spam.

It's now down the bottom under noteworthy pages.

smash_legend said

at 6:18 pm on Mar 30, 2010

where do you get the files?

AndrewP said

at 10:04 pm on Apr 7, 2010

i had updated this page with the links but it didnt save the page.

AndrewP said

at 9:20 pm on Jun 29, 2010

Final Updates to the page have been made, uploaded all the links to 3 different sites so there shouldnt be a problem with broken links.

341464@... said

at 10:45 am on Jul 25, 2010

I try it out then...... It says
"ERROR: Rom file too large to inject to the selected entry, exiting!!"
I'm try to inject DOOM [SNES] to SMW

AndrewP said

at 9:43 am on Jul 27, 2010

actually there is no problem at all. you just need to find a wad file that is larger. how big is the wad file you are using? and if its SNES try using the Mario Kart wad.

341464@... said

at 10:16 am on Jul 27, 2010

I successfully put doom into donkey kong country
I got Black Screen Of Death (After started, nothing shows up :|)

AndrewP said

at 10:52 am on Jul 27, 2010

im telling you try injjecting doom into Super Mario Kart. thats what i used and it worked great. and what wii frimware are you running?

Blaze said

at 1:32 am on Aug 3, 2010

thanx i finally got alladin to inject into bare knuckle 3

Blaze said

at 5:38 pm on Aug 3, 2010

bare knucl 3 is jap and i used ntsc rom so i cant play it and ive yet to find a good genesis wad thatll work

AndrewP said

at 10:57 pm on Aug 16, 2010

its easy so i bet i can help you out on it.

Blaze said

at 6:00 pm on Aug 20, 2010

sweet,that would help...also wiiscrubber is a good tool for editing metroid prime trilogy(1-3) into metroid prime trilogy(1-2) so it can fit on single layer disc

Cezz624 said

at 10:52 pm on Aug 5, 2011

Can this process, if done wrong, brick your Wii?

AndrewP said

at 12:46 am on Sep 12, 2011

Yeah. You should always take precautions to make sure that doesnt happen. Install preloader, I cant stress this enough it must be installed. Have the bootmii files stored on your SD card or computer. If you have them on your sd card and boot up the wii to preloader you will be able to access bootmii from there. If you do this you will have no problem if your wii gets bricked.

I used to play with my wii bricked and only bottmii. I used iso loaders for wii games and GC games.

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