Hermes cIOS222 or 223

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Hermes' cIOS 222/223

Hermes' cIOS222 and 223 are alternatives to using Waninkoko's IOS249. There are some compatibility differences that may make you wish to try these instead of cIOS249. WeHackWii recommends the use of cIOS222 installed as IOS38 merged with IOS37 over any other cIOS.


Note: Be sure to remove all GameCube memory cards and controllers prior to installation.


Standard installation

This installation method is listed as step 6 on the USB Loader guide. For prerequisites and further information, please visit the USB Loader page.

  1. Open the HomeBrew Channel and run the cIOS222 v4 Installer
  2. Choose IOS36 for install
  3. Install Custom IOS 222
  4. Use IOS38 merged with IOS37


Offline installation OR when you use Nintendo's LAN adapter

  1. Download the NUS Downloader.
  2. Copy the contents of the NUS Downloader zip file to your computer in a directory of your choice (e.g. - C:/NUSD) which will be referred to as <NUSD_dir> from now on.
  3. Use NUS Downloader to get IOS37 v3612:
    1. Select title ID 0000000100000025 v3612
    2. Ensure the Pack->WAD option is NOT checked
    3. Click Start NUS Download!
    4. Copy the contents of <NUSD_dir>/0000000100000025v3612/ to sd:/00000001/00000025/V3612/
  4. Use NUS Downloader to get IOS38 v3610:
    1. Select title ID 0000000100000026 v3610
    2. Ensure the Pack->WAD option is NOT checked
    3. Click Start NUS Download!
    4. Copy the contents of <NUSD_dir>/0000000100000026v3610/ to sd:/00000001/00000026/V3610/
  5. Use NUS Downloader to get IOS60 v6174:
    1. Select title ID 000000010000003C v6174
    2. Ensure the Pack->WAD option is NOT checked
    3. Click Start NUS Download!
    4. Copy the contents of <NUSD_dir>/000000010000003Cv6174/ to sd:/00000001/0000003C/V6174/ 
  6. Put your SD card back in your Wii
  7. Open the HomeBrew Channel and run the cIOS222 v4 Installer
  8. Choose IOS36 for install
  9. Install Custom IOS 222
  10. Use IOS38 merged with IOS37


What is this 222/223/249 IOS36, IOS37, IOS38 stuff all about?


The Wii runs on an operating system which is broken up into many Internal Operating System (IOS) files. You can learn about the many IOS files on the WiiBrew IOS History page. IOS36, IOS37, and IOS38 are official IOS files which are generally installed by Nintendo onto your Wii system.


Hackers of the Wii will utilize and modify the functionality of the official IOS files to their own end. When they put together their own IOS, it is referred to as a custom Internal Operating System (cIOS). These cIOS files are often built up from official IOS files and then installed as a new file, on your Wii they will always simply be labeled as an IOS.


Waninkoko originally modified IOS36 and installed it as IOS249. Later he modified IOS38 and installed as IOS249 or IOS250. Hermes modified IOS37 and IOS38 and installed as IOS222 or IOS223, allowing for multiple install versions. This way you can install a modified IOS37 as IOS223 and a modified IOS37 merged with IOS38 as IOS222. For the most part, the latter is all you will need. The other cIOS versions and install methods are for trying different methods of modification to allow for different attributes.


At the moment, there is no summary page discussing all the capabilities of all the cIOS options available, but if anyone becomes aware of such a page, please post.


I hope this helps you understand all the babble, but feel free to ask questions if you need further clarification.


Comments (24)

Max said

at 9:42 am on Dec 12, 2009

I get an error "Installation returned -1", then we Wii restarts...
I get this error on online (000001 folder deleted) and offline way (the tutorial above).
Help pls

haruspex said

at 7:57 pm on Dec 12, 2009

@Max, did you successfully complete step 5 from the USB Loader guide? (http://wehackwii.pbworks.com/USB-Loader)

aagjr said

at 9:41 pm on Jan 7, 2010

Hi. I already hacked my Wii with the tutorials and the WeHackWii package. Thsnkd to sll of tou guyd for this package...
I have question: Can I use the cIOS222 to install Virtual console and Wiiware WAD´s, througt the Wad manager 1.5? It will afect other things installed, like the Usb loader GX ?

haruspex said

at 2:45 pm on Jan 9, 2010

@aagjr, VC and WiiWare are unrelated to cIOS222, please read the WiiWare page for the information you need: http://wehackwii.pbworks.com/Wiiware1

Richard Cranium said

at 3:27 am on Jan 14, 2010

I get this when using the drp IOS Mod

OK to Remove stub IOS 222?

Are you sure you want to continue?
[A] Yes [B] NO [HOME]/[Y] Exit
-Deleting ticket file /ticket/00000001/000000de.tik...
Ticket delete failed (No ticket?) -102
-Deleting ticket file /ticket/00000001/000000de...
Error! ISFE_Delete(ret = -102)

Press a button to continue


Any ideas?

Richard Cranium said

at 3:43 am on Jan 14, 2010

Ver 4.2 and I did just as the Instructions said

Nik said

at 7:34 pm on Jan 16, 2010

I am getting a (failed -1017). I followed all the steps successfully and am running v3.2.
Please Help!

Nik said

at 7:57 pm on Jan 16, 2010

I went back and did step 6 even though it said I didn't need to (running 3.2u) and it worked! Thanks anyway!

haruspex said

at 7:53 pm on Jan 17, 2010

@Richard, try using AnyTitle Deleter MOD from here: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/AnyTitle_Deleter_MOD to delete the stub file IOS222 before installing the proper IOS222, and let me know how that goes

Addison said

at 6:10 pm on Jan 22, 2010

I'm having a problem at the moment with this. Whenever I run it (I'm using 4.2 and I tried both ways stated above) when I click on Use IOS38 merged with IOS37, nothing happens. It just sits there. Any thoughts?

greg said

at 3:40 pm on Jan 27, 2010

trouble running usb loader...ive downloaded everything i need to use usb loader, however when i click on usb loader/boot.dol in the homebrew channel it go to the next page then it gets and error which says Custom IOS 222 could not be loade! (-4 100) press any button to restart. Can you please help me….on stuck on the step after downloading hermies….

paulb said

at 7:17 pm on Jan 27, 2010

may be a daft question,
but you have installed cIOS 222?

mikeac said

at 9:32 pm on Mar 13, 2010

Could you guys, by any chance, find out a way to install Hermes cIOS v5 offline?


haruspex said

at 6:48 pm on Mar 15, 2010

The above instructions should work. Are they not?

nickyclash said

at 3:11 pm on Mar 26, 2010

I am having the same problem as Richard above. I keep getting

OK to Remove stub IOS 222?

Are you sure you want to continue?
[A] Yes [B] NO [HOME]/[Y] Exit
-Deleting ticket file /ticket/00000001/000000de.tik...
Ticket delete failed (No ticket?) -102
-Deleting ticket file /ticket/00000001/000000de...
Error! ISFE_Delete(ret = -102)

Press a button to continue

When I try to delete any of 222 223 249 etc.

I tried to use the any title deleter that came in the wehackwii package but couldn't get it to work. Help?

nickyclash said

at 3:13 pm on Mar 26, 2010

Also I tried to install the cIos222 and my wii mote freezes after I press A. Any ideas?

Dewedi said

at 12:59 pm on Apr 4, 2010

I tried to install cIOS222 and wee freezes to the cIOS installer (IOS BASE)

Dewedi said

at 11:08 am on Apr 8, 2010

I mean at the 4th step, it freezes

Jean-Philippe said

at 7:11 pm on Apr 21, 2010

Hey guys, i'm trying to install Hermes cIos but I always end up with a exception (dsi) occured.

I tried many cIos juste to be sure it wasn,t my hermes files but I always got the exception.

Any one have a hint to help me? (By the way, I'm trying to play Monter Hunter 3 but I can't find a way to run it with USB Loader GX)

Bina said

at 8:12 am on May 10, 2010

For those who, like me, had (or have) a screen-freeze when you click on "Use IOS38 merged with IOS37", try to remove your GC memory card and/or joypad of GC. I did it, and it works :)
I hope I could help someone ;)
(and please excuse my english, I'm french so I do my best lol)

Zelgon said

at 9:42 pm on May 10, 2010

Hey, I'm getting the (DSI) screen whenever I attempt to do step 8. Im positive I've done every other step right. I'm running 4.2U if that helps. Please help me out, I wanted to get this done before next week.

Haruspex said

at 4:42 pm on May 11, 2010

@Zelgon, did you read Bina's comment right above yours and try that?

dcoleman5 said

at 5:06 pm on May 20, 2010

I do not have rock band instraments so I have not been able to test what im about to ask.
From what I was told, if you have soft modded your Wii ( I Have, v4.2 ) you are now unable to use the USB ports for stuff like the Rock Band Microphone unless you have done the Hermes cIOS222 or 223.
Is this True????
If so why???

ayhamx said

at 9:57 pm on May 29, 2010

please help im having a proplem i installed( ios50 ) where should i but it in the sd card ?
i have but it in the root of sd card when i run dop-mii the program dosent see the ios50 and i want to install 223ios ...
and i dont have a wifi connection
can any one explans to me what steps should i do ?? please help me please

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