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USB Loader

Page history last edited by Haruspex 12 years, 1 month ago

Don't upgrade to Wii Firmware 4.2 or 4.3!

Instead of updating your Wii firmware, you can just use DOP-Mii to update specific channels such as the Nintendo Channel or Wii Shop Channel (which also requires an IOS61 update) without updating the Wii Sytem Menu.  This will allow you to shop with the latest Wii Shop Channel without updating the Wii System Menu.  The main reason you shouldn't update to Wii System Menu 4.2 or 4.3 is that there is no actual update for anything, just annoying ways attempting to prevent Wii hacking.

However, the USB Loader guide DOES work if you are on 4.2 and want to hack your Wii. We are testing 4.3 soon.

You can read about the problems with 4.2 and 4.3 on our Firmware page and the WiiBrew 4.2 and WiiBrew 4.3 articles.


Don't use IOS60-Patcher for launching games from SD!

Instead use DOP-Mii to re-install IOS60 (if you are on Wii Firmware 4.0 or 4.1) or IOS70 (if you are on Wii Firmware 4.2) or IOS80 (if you are on Wii Firmware 4.3) with the signature hash check (trucha bug). Also, if you are using Preloader and you "dop" IOS60 or IOS70 or IOS80, remember to reinstall Preloader after "doping"; otherwise, you won't be able to load the System Menu. Instead, boot HBC through Preloader to reinstall it.



What is USB Loader?

USB Loader is an application for the Nintendo Wii which allows you to to install and load your backup ISO game files to/from a USB storage device. It also allows you to create such backups straight from the original DVD, or you can put ISO files which you have backed up to your computer onto your USB drive and load them from there. This guide will prepare your Wii to use USB Loader GX, which will launch both the USB drive and burned DVD-R discs.


What if I just want homebrew?

If you don't want to launch backup games and just want to enjoy the world of homebrew, homemade games and applications for the Wii, then you only need to follow steps 2 through 4; it couldn't be simpler.



USB Loader Guide (These 8 steps take about 20 minutes)



This guide is targeted at people wit no hacks/mods on their Wii, so essentially a store-bought system. However, this guide can still help people that have the HomeBrew Channel already installed (simply do step 1 and then skip to step 5).

WiiHacks and its editors are not responsible for any harm done to your system by using our guides. This guide is meant to be simple and clean, and works on all Wii systems to get them modified. However, after you have modified an LU64 or newer Wii system, DO NOT use downgrade applications or anything that alters IOS files (besides what is in this guide), cIOS installers, and new IOS files from games released in 2009 and beyond. (This may cause a brick [dead Wii].)


Korean Wii Systems:

You will need to alter this guide.  Do step 1 and 2 (load the Wii Hacks Package and Bannerbomb onto your SD card), but alter step 2 to launch DOP-Mii (instead of the HackMii installer) by placing its boot.dol on the root of your card.  Then follow steps 5 and 6, then use DOP-Mii to install the latest version of IOS34 and IOS61 (but say NO to the Sig Hash Check and ES_Identify patches).  A proper guide for this will be set up at a future date if there is demand (there is also help on the CSG).

What You Need:
  • An SD or SDHC card formatted as FAT32, and a card reader/writer. We recommend the SanDisk brand cards as they have been the most successful. 
  • If you don't have the Homebrew Channel or BootMii, download BannerBomb and the HackMii installer.
  • Download thWiiHackWii Package



In this guide you will

  1. (Steps 1 through 4) Install the HomeBrew Channel and BootMii via BannerBomb
  2. (Step 5) Restore the Trucha Bug to IOS36
  3. (Step 6) Delete IOS stubs (installed by Nintendo to prevent hacking)
  4. (Step 7) Install cIOS222 to enable homebrew access to the USB port and DVD drive
  5. (Step 8) Install cIOSx (a.k.a. cIOS 249) to enable compatibility with a broader range of homebrew 


The terms IOS and cIOS are going to come up a lot in this guide.  If you're curious about what they mean, go check out the IOS Information page.


This guide is meant to be simple for you and clean for your Wii. It will attempt to explain each step clearly and provides notes before certain steps so that you can understand what you are doing, why, and how to address any problems. 

STEP 1. UnZip and load the contents of the WeHackWii Package to your SD Card. Optionally, you should read the included README.txt for some useful information.

Note: Skip steps 2 through 4 if you already have the HomeBrew Channel and BootMii (but make sure to do step 4-1 if you don't have a NAND backup, otherwise you will have a horrible time trying to recover from a brick).

STEP 2. Follow the BannerBomb instructions to load BannerBomb and the HackMii installer onto your SD card properly, and launch HackMii installer.

STEP 3. You are now in the HackMii installer. Install everything (only the HomeBrew Channel is required, BootMii as boot2 is strongly recommended [although if you can only install as IOS do it anyway], and DVDx is at your discretion).


Note: DVDx is an older method for playing DVD movies on your Wii. It is no longer the recommended method, and so we don't feel you should install DVDx. Instead, the best way to play media content on your Wii (including DVD movies) is via WiiMC.


STEP 4. When done, exit to the System Menu.

4a. If you installed BootMii as boot2, it is suggested to do a NAND Backup before continuing. Read the BootMii Guide for more information.

Note: Step 5 is meant to restore the Trucha Bug to IOS36. The purpose of this is to allow step 7 to use IOS36 to install a cIOS (custom IOS). The cIOS is what will allow backup launchers such as USB Loader GX to access the USB port and the DVD drive.

     If you don't wish to launch backup games, you are done and can move on to optionally upgrade/downgrade your Firmware and/or head over to WiiBrew Wiki to get some fresh, homemade homebrew applications.

STEP 5. Run DOP-Mii from the HomeBrew Channel. 

Open the DOP-Mii Instructions, follow the "Restoring the Trucha Bug" section


Go to the HomeBrew Channel Upside-Down and Backwards section if that happens.


Note: Step 6 is only necessary for those on Wii Firmware 4.2, although it also ensures a clean Wii system for all others. The reason step 6 is important for 4.2 is that along with the System Menu, stub IOS files were installed to slots 222, 223, 249, and 250 in order to prevent cIOS files from being installed. These must be deleted in order for step 7 to succeed on a 4.2 or higher Wii system.


STEP 6. Run DOP-Mii from the HomeBrew Channel.

Open the DOP-Mii Instructionsfollow the "Stub IOS Removal" section


Use the included AnyTitle Deleter DB to delete (if they exist on your Wii) IOS202, IOS222, IOS223, IOS249, IOS250, IOS254


Note: Step 7 installs a cIOS, and is the whole reason for the previous steps. This cIOS gives HomeBrew access to the USB drive and the DVD drive, among other things. This allows the included USB Loader GX to create/run backup games on/from your USB drive.

     If you are unable to get step 7 to work for you, then delete the 00000001 folder from your SD card and try again. If you're still having trouble, check the cIOS222 page for additional help.

STEP 7. Remove all GameCube memory cards and controllers for this step! Open the HomeBrew Channel and run the cIOS222 v4 Installer.

7a. Select IOS <36> for install 
7b. Install Custom IOS 222 

Use IOS38 merged with IOS37 


Note: If you get ret= -1035 as an error message, it means you didn't properly delete the stub IOS files as mentioned in Step 6. 



STEP 8. Remove all GameCube memory cards and controllers for this step! Open the HomeBrew Channel and run the cIOS249 rev17 Installer.

8a. Select < IOS36 > for install 
8b. Select < WAD installation >


Note: If you don't have the latest WeHackWii Package which includes the IOS38 WAD file, then WAD installation won't work for step 8b and you'll need to use < Network installation >.


You now have a fully hacked Wii with the following:
HomeBrew Channel, BootMii, cIOS 222, cIOS 249, and USB Loader GX



Now What? 

To get started running backup retail games, visit the USB Loader GX page.

If you are interested in an iTunes cover flow style USB Loader, check out WiiFlow.

For WiiWare, please see the information at the top of the WiiWare page.

To upgrade or downgrade your Wii Firmware and learn why, visit the Firmware page.

If you want to get more HomeBrew applications, head on over to WiiBrew Wiki.



Can I get some additional help please?

Noob Starter Guide

Complete Softmod Guide

GAF's Wii Homebrew Tutorial

Deviyl's Wii Homebrew Tutorial

xzxero's Wii Homebrew Tutorial



Are there any more good links?

USB Loader Releases

WBFS (The Filesystem for your USB Drive) Managers

USB Device Compatibility List

Game Compatibility List

Matriculated's HBC Icons

Low Line's Wii Style Icons

Mirrored IOS and Channel WADs from NUS (Nintendo Upgrade Server)

HackMii Blog


I need some box art and/or disc art for my loader.

WiiTDB (the gold standard)

Wii Boxart (pre-sized, also has disc art)

Raffles' Wii Box Art (high res, also has disc art) 


Comments (Show all 915)

paulb said

at 12:57 am on Aug 21, 2010

Sorry mate, got sidetracked.
Here is a link to a gbatemp thread that has some newer versions of gensplusgx with the new gui
Give one of those a try.
But make sure you delete your existing version first as it may be corrupt and the cause of your issues


blasphemous24 said

at 2:57 am on Aug 21, 2010

when i attempted to run the cios38 rev 14 installer, why does it say "you fcking assholes, wait a bit longer now" on the 2nd black screen?? O_o

blasphemous24 said

at 7:16 pm on Aug 21, 2010

Okay, sooo...I ran into an ocarina loading problem whenever I go into neogamma automod/neogamma r8 rc3 loading sonic unleashed from a dvd. I have both the gct and txt files in 2 locations: the sd:/codes directory and sd:/codes/r/s directory as I'm not really sure what directory it looks for exactly, so I put them in both places. also, i have the hooks on joypad and ocarina to "on" upon loading, it tells me "codes found. applying..." but when the game starts, nothing is applied. Works for me through wiiflow though which I don't understand. if i could get some help, d be greatly appreciated. TIA

blasphemous24 said

at 5:09 am on Aug 26, 2010


Pier-Olivier said

at 9:43 pm on Aug 26, 2010

Can you help me? I decided to buy an external hard drive and followed this guide. My Wii was already hacked before, I don't know if it's the problem. So after following another guide on Youtube then this one (I was only able to install cIOS 222 & 249, my homebrew channel was already there and the other steps failed) but each time I tried, it failed. I know I need to format it first, but each time I try, there is a black screen with alot of codes on it and saying that it will restarts in 5 seconds. Is it because I have a 2To external hard drive? Anyway, please help me, I'm kind of desesperated now... :s

The GHoST said

at 1:35 am on Aug 27, 2010

Have you tried formatting your Hard Drive using WBFS Manager on your computer then installing games using either that or on your wii using Wiiflow, USB Loader GX, or Uloader(What I use, tends to have little to no failures). After your Hard Drive is formatted try it and tell me if it works, if not it might be something else...also what brand like company is your External Hard Drive? Not all work with the Wii

Pier-Olivier said

at 9:05 am on Aug 28, 2010

I just tried, it told me that it was formatted correctly, so I tried to copy my game using the same program, and at the end, it said that the game was copied correctly, then said that it couldn't read my HDD and to check if it was used by another program (which was not) or check if I formatted it to WBFS, which I just did. I went in my computer to look if the game was in my HDD, and it said that it was corrupted. I formatted it with right-click&Format so I can open it again, but now when I try to format it again with WBFS Manager, an error occurs.

The brand of my HDD is "WD"... This is what I see on it.

Pier-Olivier said

at 9:28 am on Aug 28, 2010

Nevermind, for some reason, the game works even with the error...

flyboygeo said

at 9:35 pm on Aug 27, 2010

Hi Haruspex, first off great site. I followed your instructions back in early January and have enjoyed a flawless hacked v4.1 Wii with USBLoader GX. I was reading again a noticed some files have changed or have been updated in the WiiHackWii Package.

If I want to install the latest stuff you have provided, do I need to repeat the entire process, all steps?? If not, which steps?

Haruspex said

at 7:21 am on Aug 28, 2010

If you want the latest, just swap app folders from the ZIP file to your SD card. You can also run the custom IOS installers, 222 and 249. That's it.

ivan said

at 10:08 pm on Aug 31, 2010

can anybody help me i got metroid other m,the new one that just came out yesterday and it keeps giving me errors when i put in the disc and nothing shows up for usb loader gx. my wii version is 4.3waninkoko and i have cios38rev14 installed and cios 222v4. if i install cios249 rev17 will it mess up my wii cause i have cios38rev14. can anybody please help

Haruspex said

at 11:32 am on Sep 1, 2010

Do you mean 4.3U? Waninkoko is just the name of the guy who put out the first USB Loader and several tools to support Wii hacking.

cIOS38 installs as IOS249, same as cIOS249. They will overwrite each other, so it's safe to try different versions by just installing and reinstalling.

flyboygeo said

at 11:46 am on Sep 1, 2010

Thanks Haruspex. I'll update the 222 and 249 IOS's.

ivan said

at 10:42 pm on Sep 1, 2010

can you provide the link for cios rev 17 cause i really really wanna play this game XD thanks

Haruspex said

at 12:56 pm on Sep 2, 2010

Waninkoko posts all of his 249 crap here:

However, Metroid Other M is working just fine with Hermes cIOS222 v4 (the one included in the WeHackWii Package).

Proof is in this thread:

You'll notice everyone with a problem is using Waninkoko's 249 crap.

Here's a direct link to one of the Moderators who uses only Hermes cIOS222 v4 and has no problems:

ivan said

at 6:27 pm on Sep 2, 2010

cios38 rev17 works but then freezes at a cut scene and then gives me an error like last time and with usb loader gx it shows nothing. with cios222v4 does nothing and idk if cios222v5 will do anything

blasphemous24 said

at 6:47 pm on Sep 2, 2010

ive had that problem too. try loading it with IOS222, it should work. at least it did for me using wiiflow

ivan said

at 8:18 pm on Sep 2, 2010

wiiflow won't work for me cause it just goes to the wiiflow start screen then it goes back to the wii menu have you had this problem too?

blasphemous24 said

at 10:41 pm on Sep 2, 2010

yea, it happens every once in a while..what i do is i just try to start up wiiflow again and usually it works

giovanny_ said

at 4:44 pm on Sep 5, 2010

Just to make sure:

I already softmodded my Wii completely (I've done every step) about 1 year ago. Using this very guide.
But only now i'm interested at "Usb Loading", and when I installed "USB LOADER GX" at my Wii it just doesn't recognize/show any games from my HDD, giving me a blank screen with the buttons.

My question is: Can I repeat every step, even already having done all of 'em, without problems?

(Sry the awful english)

paulb said

at 8:07 pm on Sep 5, 2010

Firstly, which USB port are you using?
You should be using the one at the edge of your Wii if upright (bottom one if laid flat)
Secondly, is your HDD compatible? which brand is it
Thirdly, what file system are you using? wbfs, fat, ntfs?

Haruspex said

at 1:29 pm on Sep 6, 2010

To answer you question, yes, you can repeat the steps with no problem. You can even take a shortcut since you won't need to do BannerBomb, you can just use your existing HomeBrew Channel to run the HackMii installer. That said, you're probably fine and should answer the questions paulb asked, first ruling out if it's just an HDD issue.

Reneko said

at 11:34 pm on Oct 25, 2010

I'm having trouble with installing the priiloader.

I wanted to test it before I installed and tried it on my cousins Wii since he needs to bypass the disc update.

But it said somethings up with IOS 70 not having ES_something on it.

Halp? xD

Reneko said

at 6:05 am on Oct 26, 2010

Nevermind fixed it using multi mod manager

quagmire said

at 6:00 pm on Dec 6, 2010

ok i seen a post in here forgot my password and now the post is gone what fix is needed to get black ops to play? paulb you have been very helpful in the past hopefully you can help me now

CroggyDee said

at 6:31 pm on Dec 6, 2010

quagmire I upgraded cios 249 to rev 20 and it works perfect

quagmire said

at 6:39 pm on Dec 6, 2010

i dont mean to sound stupid wanna send me in direction i have been on usbloaders site uloader updated and still cannont get the game to play keeps freezing at loading screen plz and ty

paulb said

at 7:40 pm on Dec 6, 2010

You can use either waninkoko's cIOS249 - installed as IOS224 base 57
Or hermes cIOS222 - installed as IOS224 base 57
Then in your loader set the IOS used as 224

I use hermes and it works fine, you can find it here

Also in some circumstances you may need to update IOS56/57
I know I had to.

Keep us posted buddy

quagmire said

at 8:43 pm on Dec 6, 2010

thnx paul for the reply but i try d/l from link you posted top poster link was removed so i scrolled down and got the next link started the install (!) cios 222 installer v5 warning screen comes up i select iios 249 then select default use recommended ios 38 starts scrolling then i get a es_decrypt message and install stops

quagmire said

at 8:49 pm on Dec 6, 2010

rest of error is returned -1017

at first screen a message is flashing at me saying "the selected ios must have dev/es patched to work"

quagmire said

at 12:25 am on Dec 7, 2010

never mind i got excited to play game didnt catch the part about its for uloader is there gonna be a make that works with usb loader?

paulb said

at 9:54 pm on Dec 7, 2010

It doesn't really matter which USB loader you use, it will work on most of them.
I can personally confirm it works for WiiFlow.

I'm guessing your IOS38 isn't es_identify patched then.
What you need to do is download MulitModManager - http://wii-mmm.4shared.com/
There are others you can use but this will do the job.

Once on you SD card run it from HBC
Select IOS Manager, and IOS38 from the list.
Hit NO for all options bar the second one, ES_Identify patch, and install/update.

After that you should be left with a patched IOS38, and the ability to install cIOS222 using IOS38
Install this as 224 base 57, then in your usbloader options select IOS224 as the loading IOS.

quagmire said

at 11:54 am on Dec 9, 2010

i finally fot all to work i had to re-mod entire wii but usbloade-gx dont even lat me select 224as an ios 222 223 249 250 are only options.
i have to use uloader or cfgusb loader to play black ops. thnx for the help fellas

paulb said

at 1:18 am on Dec 10, 2010

Use WiiFlow, it's much better on the eyes for a start.
It also lets you load menu channels now, ie wiiware/vc games

quagmire said

at 9:38 pm on Dec 10, 2010

is it fairly easy to add ? if so where can i find it

paulb said

at 9:54 pm on Dec 10, 2010

You can find the homepage here - http://www.wiiflowiki.com/
And the downloads page is here - http://code.google.com/p/wiiflow/downloads/list

It's pretty straight forward to install, but if you get stuck follow the instructions here - http://www.wiiflowiki.com/wiiflow/updates

quagmire said

at 12:05 am on Dec 11, 2010

ty buddy i will let you know how it goes

quagmire said

at 1:12 pm on Dec 11, 2010

i like the overall appearance of wiflow tis a little confusing with the proper d/l file but i did 249 first then 224 which ended up being the sweet spot but did find cpl issues with it when in game hit home key return to wii system crashes wii and it dont seem to be fully updated to wiitdb about 30 covers cant be found. one right off the top of my head is yetisports. besides that a nice program thnx i do however miss the music options being able to select my own music for loader maybe catch wind and allow people to create a media playlist

paulb said

at 10:51 pm on Dec 11, 2010

To answer some of your question,

Music can be used with WiiFlow in .ogg format. Just put it in the same folder as the covers (create a folder there called music).
Covers are to do with what is available on wiitdb (the default search site) You can add your own by putting them in the boxart folder.
However wiitdb seems to be down at the moment.
Resetting the console to home shouldn't cause a crash, was it a particular game?

And as you already figured out the correct boot.dol required is the version of cIOS you use
Let me know how you get on

ivan said

at 11:23 pm on Nov 22, 2011

mann i havn't been on here in forever but anyways i recently got cod:mw3 for my little brother and i installed it to the hard drive and it just gets stuck on the loading screen and it just keeps saying loading... and thats the extent of it so any help? oh and i gots a 360 so if anybody wants to add me my gt is apocalytictoast

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