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WeHackWii Package

Page history last edited by Haruspex 12 years, 6 months ago

To keep things simple, always link to this page when referencing the WeHackWii Package.  On this page is the latest link to the package, as well as useful information regarding its contents.


DO NOT link directly to the WeHackWii Package file. Link to this page. That way, when the file is updated, users will always know where to get the latest file.  Also, when the file is updated the old direct link will no longer work.


Most recent official link:

Download the WeHackWii Package (MediaFire: June 7, 2010)

Download the 4.1 WAD Files (MediaFire: Feb 17, 2010)



What is this? 

The WeHackWii Package is a collection of files meant to aid in hacking your Wii by following the instructions on the USB Loader page. It is prepared by haruspex, also known as antiaverage on the GBATemp forums. Please contact that user if you have any specific questions about the package.


The 4.1 WAD Files are for upgrading or downgrading your Wii to firmware version 4.1, the currently most recommended firmware.  You can learn more about this on the Firmware page.




This is what should be inside the zip file.



Some folders are left collapsed for ease of reading, so not all files are displayed.

If a file is linked, you may click it to go to the originating page and get more info.

All the wad files in the root and all contents of 00000001 can be obtained from:


Root of WeHackWii Package.zip:




      cIOS222 v4 Installer

      cIOS249 rev17 Installer










      USB Loader GX-UNEO_Forwarder.wad



Why these files? 


00000001: The contents of this folder are related to the cIOS222 v4 installer. The files are from the NUS (Nintendo Upgrade Server), and are the raw copies of IOS37 v3612, IOS38 v3610, and IOS60 v6174. When you use the cIOS222 v4 installer, you are given the option to install from your SD card or from the Internet. The contents of 00000001 allow you to install from the SD card in order to speed up the install process or permit those without an Internet connection to perform the installation. If you are having trouble installing cIOS222 v4, then you may need to delete the00000001 folder from your SD card and try the cIOS222 v4 installer again with the Internet option.


AnyTitleDeleterDB: This app is for managing the NAND memory on your Wii, allowing you to delete IOS files, channels, saves, etc. You can easily see what is stored on your Wii and remove it if necessary or desired. Be sure you understand what you are removing before diving in and clearing out your Wii, as you may cause a brick. It is a good idea to have a NAND backup via BootMii just in case something goes wrong.


cIOS222 v4 Installer: This is the latest cIOS developed for launching backup titles, giving access to the USB port, the DVD drive, the GameCube mios, and offers many fixes and improvements over Waninkoko's cIOS. Developed by Hermes for uLoader, it offers the best compatibility and feature set.


cIOS249 rev17 Installer: Waninkoko started the whole USB Loader craze, and this is his cIOS for gaining access to the USB slot, along with other features. This is the latest version of the original USB Loader cIOS.


Dop-Mii: This application lets you download and install any IOS onto your Wii straight from the Nintendo servers. This provides a legal way to upgrade or downgrade any IOS on your system, as well as apply the signature hash check (Trucha bug) and ES_Identify function.  As well, it let's you install a Trucha Bug IOS36 onto a virgin Wii, and removes the stub IOS files from a 4.2 Wii.


Homebrew Browser: This application allows you to download the latest homebrew applications and games from only your Wii.  You don't need to take your SD(HC) card out.  You don't even need a computer.


usbloader_gx: USB Loader GX is one of the top USB Loader applications available. It utilizes a full graphical user interface with WiiMote controls, has a great deal of customization, and is always on top of the latest tricks and hacks. Configurable USB Loader and WiiFlow are two other great ones to check out, but USB Loader GX has the lowest barrier to entry and smoothest default setup.


WAD Manager: Originally developed by Waninkoko, this allows you to install and uninstall .wad files to and from your Wii. Channel applications are often distributed as .wad files, such as WiiWare, the Virtual Console, and HomeBrew loaders. The version included with this package is the Yet Another WAD Manager Mod, the most current actively developed version of WAD Manager.


database.txt: This is the database file for AnyTitleDeleter DB, helping to identify the various installed items on your Wii system.  Another useful resource for determining titles on your Wii is the Title Database on WiiBrew.


the .wad files: The IOS15 files are for rolling back and restoring IOS15 when restoring the Trucha Bug to IOS36, as discussed in the DOP-Mii section. The IOS36 file is also involved in this process.


USB Loader GX-UNEO Forwarder.wad: This .wad file is a HomeBrew forwarder channel which is installed via WAD Manager 1.5 and appears along with the rest of your Wii channels. It points to the USB Loader GX application on your SD card and launches it from your Wii menu, making for a convenient shortcut to your USB stored games.



4.1 WAD Files 


IOS21-64-v782   - Used by: old third-party titles (No More Heroes). 

IOS35-64-v3349 - Used by: Super Mario Galaxy.

IOS36-64-v3351 - Used by: Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii. Can be ES_Identify patched. 

IOS37-64-v3869 - Used by: Mostly music games (Guitar Hero).

IOS38-64-v3867 - Used by: Some modern titles (Animal Crossing).

IOS53-64-v5406 - Used by: Some modern games and channels.

IOS55-64-v5406 - Used by: Some modern games and channels.

IOS56-64-v5405 - Used by: Only Wii Speak Channel 2.0.

IOS57-64-v5661 - Contains new or updated modules "OHCI0 USB USB_HID USB_HUB USB_MSC USB_VEN ETH"

IOS60-64-v6174 - Used by: Wii System Menu 4.1, must be installed before the System Menu

IOS61-64-v5405 - Used by: Shop Channel 4.x. 


RVL-bc-v5 - Used to start GC games; sets Hollywood speed to 162MHz, loads boot2, which then eventually loads MIOS

RVL-mios-v9 - Gamecube compatibility IOS; active while Gamecube games are being played on the Wii


RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v448 - NTSC-J (Japan) System Menu 4.1

RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v449 - NTSC-U (North America) System Menu 4.1

RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v450 - PAL (Europe) System Menu 4.1

Comments (Show all 59)

haruspex said

at 7:08 pm on Mar 15, 2010

These work on 4.2U
You will have no increased risk if you don't downgrade (staying on 4.2U is okay)
In actuality, downgrading adds risk as the downgrading process can fail in some cases (which is why you should always create a NAND backup if possible)

Baldur said

at 7:11 pm on Mar 25, 2010

Hi, I'm trying to install "USB Loader GX Forwarder" to be able to launch usb loader straight from the Wii's main menu. However, it's not working. When I launch it, the screen goes black and I'm thrown back to the main menu. Am I missing something?

Baldur said

at 7:40 pm on Mar 25, 2010

Never mind, got it fixed. I only had to update IOS33 and IOS35 :) However, I wanted to try out Wii Cover Flow (CoverFLoader) and I can't even get the basic channel to work. When I try to launch it from HBC I always end up back in the HBC menu... Any ideas?

Josh said

at 11:15 pm on Mar 25, 2010

Try Wiiflow if you have a FAT32 or WBFS drive. In my opinion it is superior to Coverfloader. At the moment it does'nt support NTFS drives but that is coming soon.

dadditude said

at 1:02 pm on Apr 9, 2010

I'm having a problem, and I am hoping this is the best place to ask for help with it. I've installed the wehackwii package, and have the homebrew channel and usbloader both working fine. The problem I am having is that the homebrew apps installed on my SD card load fine, but homebrew browser and wiixplorer both fail to load the sd card. The apps themselves launch from the sd card, but when they try to access it, no luck. I am using an 8GB HP SDHC card. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also, if there's a better place for this question, feel free to point me in the right direction.

AndrewP said

at 1:45 pm on Apr 9, 2010

i have an 8gb sdhc sd card and they both worked for me. but it depends on what firmware you are running on. i have never tried it on anything other than 3.2u. but anything 4.0 and up might not work. it also might be the type of sd card you are using. hope i helped.

Serberus said

at 3:36 pm on Apr 9, 2010

I run 4.1U and Homebrew Browser works fine for me, never messed with Wiixplorer. Double check and make sure the .dol files are named boot.dol and not something else, I've gotten apps where the .dol file was not named properly.

dadditude said

at 6:57 pm on Apr 9, 2010

Without making any changes at all, it started recognizing the card again. Hopefully it will continue to work.

Serberus said

at 10:59 pm on Apr 9, 2010

Sounds like daniel was onto something. You might try backing-up and formatting your SD card, or buy another one.

haruspex said

at 12:44 pm on Apr 10, 2010

Yeah, card quality makes troubleshooting for the Wii a total pain. So many times it is just your card that needs to either be formatted or exchanged for a better one. Rawr.

dadditude said

at 12:54 am on Apr 11, 2010

Is there any way to format an SD/SDHC card to FAT32 on the wii itself (running homebrew from usb drive, for example)? My PC's SD Card Reader can't handle SDHC Cards, and the USB Card Reader I bought online was a dud, causing the card to show up as read-only (still waiting for the replacement reader). :-P

Serberus said

at 2:46 am on Apr 11, 2010

@dadditude: To answer your question directly, I'm not aware of a format tool for the Wii. Especially because you would either need to run the aoo via HBC off of the SD card or install the WAD via HBC off the SD card which you're unable to do at this point anyway. :P
Are you sure your SD card reader on your PC can't handle SDHC. From what I've read, MOST SD card readers (the Wii included) simply needed a driver update in order to make them SDHC compatible. I know some of the older PCs, in the early stages of SD implementation, weren't able to upgrade to SDHC compatibility. You may check online for driver updates for you card reader first, and if you have trouble tracking them down, post your PC's model# on this page and I can do some hunting for you. Other than that, you'll have to wait for your new card reader.

dadditude said

at 10:19 am on Apr 11, 2010

I have an emachines T6420, and if there's a driver update for its card reader, I haven't been able to find it.

Serberus said

at 3:30 pm on Apr 11, 2010

Did some looking around and couldn't find anything. eMachines doesn't even host official updated drivers besides Audio and VGA, which is odd. Out of luck I guess, you'll have to play the waiting game on your card reader.

haruspex said

at 11:29 pm on Apr 11, 2010

Updated the WeHackWii Package with all the latest revisions. This includes a move from the outdated dop-IOS MOD to the current DOP-Mii and updated cIOS 222 and 249 installers. Also, WAD Manager is now sourced from the very nice Yet Another WAD Manager Mod. All in all, this update should fix a lot of issues some people have been having with obscure minor errors.

techboy said

at 12:13 pm on Apr 13, 2010

Hate to have to post a sort-of-a-rant, seeing I'm not usually known for this, but...

cIOS r19 breaks a lot of apps (and hardware) that work otherwise. Me and my friends have several different USB HDDs. Of the 13 different units, only 4 are r19 compatible. Wouldn't r17 be a better choice?

Also, r19 needs to be installed with IOS38 base if you want to use most wad managers and other wad tools with it (a small percentage have been fixed). The default options (IOS57 base) will cause a headache for most users who don't know that.

Also hermes v5...Can most loaders even use it?

haruspex said

at 1:40 am on Apr 15, 2010

@techboy, It was written in a rant style, but it's not a rant. It's sound reasoning. I have updated the package to include rev17 of 249 and rev4 of 222/223.

haruspex said

at 1:45 am on Apr 15, 2010

We have had 25,478 downloads of the WeHackWii Package since 12/12/2009 (I don't have data prior to that as the packages prior to that date I deleted)

haruspex said

at 8:53 pm on Apr 16, 2010

Fixed the USB Loader GX boot.dol issue

Eduardo Sousa said

at 8:03 am on Apr 17, 2010

I'm a bit confused with all the information available. My Wii is already hacked and running firm 4.0E. I'm getting error 002 with the newer games. To solve this all I need to do is upgrade to 4.1E? Do I have to install the stuff from WeHackWii Package before doing it?
I really don't know where to start.

paulb said

at 8:33 am on Apr 17, 2010

Error 002 is nothing to do with your firmware.
Are you using a USB HDD?
If so most newer games are fixed by activating the 002 fix used in the usbloader.
The same goes for disc loaders.

Also what rev of cIOS249 &/or 222 are you running
and which games in particular are you having problems with

Eduardo Sousa said

at 11:33 am on Apr 17, 2010

The game was SpongeBob: Truth-Sq and I tried loading it using USB loader GX. I have a lot of games in a USB HDD and they're working fine. The last system update i've done was almost a year ago, when 4.0 came out. Right now I'm not able to tell what's cIOS249 version but can tell you it's not recent. The backup loader was also installed last year as well as the USBloader. So, what I want to know and understand are the necessary updates to perform in order to avoid the error

Eduardo Sousa said

at 12:32 pm on Apr 17, 2010

Hi again. I'm using cIOS249r7

Serberus said

at 1:16 pm on Apr 17, 2010

@Eduardo Sousa: It sounds like you are in serious need of an update. There are plenty tools/guides on this site to help you get up to 4.1X as well as updated IOSs that are needed for newer games and WiiWare. I'm sure if you DLed the WeHackWii package, you'll be up and running again in no time. :D

Eduardo Sousa said

at 3:17 pm on Apr 17, 2010

Thanks. I've already downloaded it but still not sure where to start. I 'm not certain if I have to perform uptates on the apps of the HBC or if I just have to update to 4.1 following the tutorial. When I read the tutorials they begin with the hack of the Wii. Mine is already hacked but I don'tknow if that's enough or if changes on the hack are need

Serberus said

at 3:40 pm on Apr 17, 2010

@Eduardo Saousa: The first thing you should do is have a NAND backup. If you don't have one, start with getting BootMii on your system (using the WeHackWii Package) and make one. A NAND backup is ALWAYS priority 1. After that, it's simply using dop-IOS Mod and the included WAD files to update your System Menu and IOSs. As far as updating the apps in your HBC, all you have to do is replace the folders on your SD card with the newer ones, no tinkering required.

Eduardo Sousa said

at 9:28 am on Apr 18, 2010

Thanks for your time spent with my questions. Here goes another one. What about preloader? Do i still need it after installing bootmii as boot2? I'm using v 0.29. If it's not needed how do I setup de hacks included in the hacks.ini file?

Serberus said

at 12:17 pm on Apr 18, 2010

@Eduardo Sousa: I, myself, like PriiLoader a lot. It has a lot of "hacks" built in that allow for stuff like Region Free Everything and moving the Disc Channel. I would suggest it.

haruspex said

at 7:31 pm on Apr 18, 2010

But do keep in mind that Preloader and Priiloader are not "needed" after installing BootMii. They are optional choices that do offer some cool hacks.

Also, sounds like you don't NEED to upgrade to 4.1, but it could be helpful. Check out the Firmware page for that:

What you NEED to do at this point is get BootMii running, make a NAND backup, and then upgrade cIOS 222 and cIOS249 using the installers included in the WeHackWii Package.

paulb said

at 8:11 pm on Apr 18, 2010

Btw if you cannot install BootMii as boot2 imho
you should install PriiLoader
That way you can still access BootMii through PriiLoaders menu
If you do brick your Wii

At least that's what I'm given to understand, please correct me if I'm wrong guys!

Eduardo Sousa said

at 8:40 am on Apr 19, 2010

Thanks everybody for the advices. I already have bootMii running as Boot2. Did the NAND backup. About the preloader I think there's no other way to activate the hacks and those hacks are realy usefull. Next step is to do the necessary updates. If I have any trouble I'll get back to you.

Eduardo Sousa said

at 1:20 pm on Apr 19, 2010

Something weird happened today. Instead of using a USB HDD I ran the game in DVD-R and it's working fine. The same game that gave me trouble using the USB loader (SpongeBob Truth or Square). I still haven't updated neither the firm nor the IOS files

Eduardo Sousa said

at 5:44 pm on Apr 19, 2010

To all the guys who helped me here my thanks. Everything is working fine. I updated the firm to 4.1, installed Priiloader 0.4 and all is working nice now. Once again, thank's a lot to all of you

Serberus said

at 7:35 pm on Apr 19, 2010

@Eduardo: Good to hear!

Haruspex said

at 4:29 pm on Apr 29, 2010

I have updated the WeHackWii Package to include a WAD of IOS38 so that cIOS249 can be installed offline. Additionally, I have updated the USB Loader guide to include a Step 8 in which you install cIOS249 as part of the standard hacking procedure. I'm not sure why I never added that step.

andy said

at 1:10 pm on Jun 6, 2010

Just a big thank you to all the devs/modders/community out there. I have got my 4.2 Wii up and running after a few hiccups with HBC running and USB loader GX. I have backed up my games on to a USB drive (small portable 2.5 unit) and with the carousel view everything is good. It's really nice to be able to turn on the Wii, select the USB channel and select the game.
However, I want to try an ISO from somewhere else. I copied the game onto my USB drive with WBFS Manager 3, it appears on my USB Loader menu but it doesn't load (just a black screen). Is there some other protection routine stopping me from running ISO's from other sources? What should I check for?
Thanks in advance.

Serberus said

at 2:22 pm on Jun 6, 2010

@andy: Is your external USB powered? I know there has been problems with those in the past. When you load the game, does you HDD indicator light stay on at all? Check to make sure that USB Loader GX is set to use IOS222 for loading as well.
Also, you may want to run a DOP-Mii report and compare it to the one on this site. The one listed on the site is for 4.1X, so there is the obvious IOS60/70 difference, but other than that, everything else should be a close match.

luis said

at 9:17 pm on Jul 2, 2011

how do i get games for my wii

Manda said

at 10:10 am on Jul 3, 2011

buying them (I'm pretty sure this site does not support piracy so sorry).

paulb said

at 7:57 pm on Jul 3, 2011

We can teach you how to play backups of your original game discs via the usb loader page

Much quicker loading and saves the lifecycle of your disc drive

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