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Wii Saves

Page history last edited by Sean Seow 9 years, 6 months ago

Wii save files can be obtained from WiiSave.


After downloading a save, you will either have a data.bin or a zip file.


If you have a data.bin file, you will need to place it in a folder on your SD(HC) card.  The required folder is:


You will need to change the word GAMEID to the proper game ID.  A list of those IDs can be found on the WiiSave Gamecodes page.


If you have a zip file, it will most likely have the proper folder structure intact, so all you have to do is extract the zip file to your SD(HC) card.  It should show up similar to the following:



Once you have the save in place on your SD(HC) card, you can then put the card back into your Wii.  Open up the Wii Options, go to Data Management > Save Data > Wii.  Select the SD Card tab.  Find the save game that you just copied over and select it.  Choose to Copy the file over to your Wii.  Keep in mind that if you already have a save on you Wii that you're trying to replace, it won't overwrite it.  So, you'll have to backup your save, delete it off of your Wii, and then transfer the new save file.


You may have trouble copying Samba de Amigo, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, and other protected save files. If this is the case, simply use Savegame Manager to transfer the save files.


Game Save List A
Game Save List B  
Game Save List C  
Game Save List D  
Game Save List E  
Game Save List F  
Game Save List G  
Game Save List H  
Game Save List I  
Game Save List J  
Game Save List K  
Game Save List L  
Game Save List M  
Game Save List N  
Game Save List O  
Game Save List P  
Game Save List Q  
Game Save List R  
Game Save List S  
Game Save List T  
Game Save List U  
Game Save List V  
Game Save List W  
Game Save List X  
Game Save List Y  
Game Save List Z  


Comments (26)

Backfire3788 said

at 1:55 am on Jan 14, 2009

Could some one like Format this into a HUGE list so i can add some files for save datas

Backfire3788 said

at 2:09 am on Jan 14, 2009

& can sum1 tell me how to format it so it has that blue box on the top of the grids? thanks


MertenNor said

at 12:42 pm on Jan 14, 2009

go here fore saves: http://www.wiisave.com/ :D


Backfire3788 said

at 1:10 pm on Jan 14, 2009

yeah i will be massively puting up game saves after mediafire is done its server check/update

TiMeBoMb said

at 1:17 am on Jan 15, 2009

Fixed some images and color inconsistencies.

Backfire3788 said

at 1:24 am on Jan 15, 2009

Timebomb can u tell me how set one of those grids up so it has the blue on the top?

TiMeBoMb said

at 2:20 am on Jan 19, 2009

Backfire3788... Either copy the HTML code or right-click the cell, select Cell --> Cell Properties --> Background Color

closetmonkii said

at 9:45 am on Apr 17, 2009

with 4.0 are any of these files useable now ? or any for that matter ?

Backfire3788 said

at 11:06 am on Apr 30, 2009

nope they all work and thanks timebomb

(account deleted) said

at 8:22 am on Jul 21, 2009

Has anyone got a PAL Version Save for Wii Sports Resort?

(account deleted) said

at 8:44 am on Jul 21, 2009

Never mind, fixed it.

Joshdamnit said

at 10:30 pm on Oct 21, 2009

How do I use game saves?

Claws said

at 4:21 am on Nov 27, 2009

@ joshdamnit

After downloading a save, you'll either get a plain old data.bin or a zipped file.

If you have a data.bin, you have to place it in a folder structure on your SD card like so: \private\wii\title\GAME\data.bin (replacing GAME with it's corresponding game code from the game code list).

If you get a zipped file, it most likely has all of it's folder structure in tact, so all you have to do is extract it to your SD card so it shows up like the above folder structure.

Once you have the file in place on your SD card, you can then put the SD card in to your Wii and go to your saved game(s) on your SD card (Wii Options > Data Management > Save Data > Wii > SD card tab), select the saved game that you want and select Copy. Keep in mind that if you already have a save on your Wii that you're trying to replace, it wont overwrite it, so you'll have to backup your save, then delete it off your Wii internal memory to be able to transfer the new one on.

and here is the game code list: http://www.wiisave.com/gamecodes/

blasphemous24 said

at 3:39 am on Dec 18, 2009

is it possible for me to obtain one's DLC pack through a save file from www.wiisave.com? from this link, http://www.wiisave.com/index.php?cid=356, they posted a link to their save with their DLC and im wondering this is do-able?

haruspex said

at 7:33 pm on Dec 18, 2009

@blashphemous24, no, you can't get DLC from a save, a save from DLC just means it will only work if you also have the DLC

blasphemous24 said

at 12:27 am on Dec 19, 2009

@ haruspex
so, say if i have 2 or 3 of that person's songs from the DLC, then only the 2 or 3 DLC of the other that i have will work?

AndrewP said

at 8:15 pm on Jul 30, 2010

im making wii game save packs. so far i have only made an A pack and it takes forever.

paulb said

at 9:28 pm on Jul 30, 2010

Quick question.

I got hold of a New Super Mario Bros mod from another site.
The game is basically an injected version so it uses the same save file as the original NSMBWii
Can anyone point me in the direction of the correct tools to change this?
The game does have it's own title ID so it can co-exist on a HDD loader.

AndrewP said

at 10:10 pm on Jul 30, 2010

by NSMB mod do you mean a moded save file? or a moded NSMB game?

paulb said

at 11:16 pm on Jul 30, 2010

It's a modded version of NSMBWii with custom levels exchanged from the original ones

AndrewP said

at 11:18 pm on Jul 30, 2010

o. well then whats the problem, and i used to know how to exchange levels.

paulb said

at 11:23 pm on Jul 30, 2010

The game works fine, I just want to know how to change whatever feature is needed to
make it use it's own save file instead of the original one.
It's not the title ID as that is different.
I have asked the creator of the mod, but he hasn't replied yet
and I'm impatient :D

AndrewP said

at 11:44 pm on Jul 31, 2010

i think i have come a little bit closer to fixing your problem, when i get it correct ill post a guide for you.

paulb said

at 1:06 am on Aug 1, 2010

Well I have compared the discID's of the original NSMBWii,
The next levels mod, and Du Super Mario Bros (this is the one that uses the same save as the original)
All the ID's are different, so they can exist on a HDD
But I'm not sure how this affects save files....Im' still googling info for it :(

AndrewP said

at 9:08 pm on Aug 16, 2010

added the b game save pack, after creating the first save game pack, and it ending up being 30 mb i decided to upload each game into a folder on media fire.

AndrewP said

at 9:09 pm on Aug 16, 2010

forgot to mention that im still uploading the save folders so not all the Game Save List B games are uploaded.

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